A Brief Guide to Psychiatry

In this modern era we find ourself thrown about by our genes, by our relationships, by tragedy, loss, and trauma, by bad luck and by the failings of others and sometimes even ourselves, by so many circumstances beyond our control.

It it is hardly surprising that our emotions, our thoughts and feelings, our imagination, our ability to be creative and thoughtful, are stretched and pulled beyond our limits, and give rise to mental health issues.

Psychiatry is the branch of Medicine that draws upon modern medical science and therapies to offer help with such circumstances.

A Psychiatrist works like any other doctor. Patient and doctor meet over several appointments to clarify what is troubling the patient, and identify the kinds of treatment that might be helpful, get treatments in place and then have appointments to monitor response to treatment.

I am able to offer, over the Internet, a ‘one off’ appointment for an assessment or to provide a ‘second opinion’, I can offer ongoing sessions for counselling, therapy and supervision of psychiatry medicines. We can meet, via the Internet, with family members and other professionals when that would be helpful, and I can offer advice regarding additional sources of assistance. I can arrange help in hospital, when helpful, at The Melbourne Clinic or at Albert Road Clinic, in Melbourne, both are centres of excellence in Psychological Medicine hospital care.